Across St. Louis, conversations continue to take place on the future of our region and how to confront the internal competition, inefficiencies, and disparities in services caused by fragmentation.

This past weekend, columnists and editorial board writers at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch drove that conversation for many:

It shouldn’t require multimillion-dollar fines, federal judgments and a sweeping municipal court reform law for some of the area’s 81 municipal courts to stop discriminating against poor people.

Editorial: Lawsuits should prompt more municipal court reform

A single countywide police department is the obvious solution. Even better: a joint city-county police department. Better policing by better-paid, better-trained officers and one standard of excellence.

Editorial: County police must take a bigger role in policing the county

At Better Together, we have launched an aggressive outreach effort to have tough conversations about reforming the structure of government in our region throughout every community in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis.

From neighborhood associations, to Chamber meetings, to small groups of concerned citizens, we’re sharing our research and answering questions about the possibilities for reform.

If you’re a member of a group, big or small, and have questions you want answered, suggestions you want to share, or just want more information about Better Together’s findings, let us know.

We hope to be added to your schedule soon.