Members of Better Together’s staff continue to engage with community members about the internal competition, disparity in services, and lack of regional vision caused by fragmentation.

Now, Better Together needs your help in reaching out to friends and neighbors throughout St. Louis to share important information about the need to reform our government structure.

Volunteering with Better Together will be a fun, interactive experience. Volunteers will assist Better Together staff at community events – sharing our reports, passing out promotional materials, and perhaps even speaking on our behalf.

Does St. Louis have the will to change? Do you want to help reform our region? Are you ready to volunteer?

Sign up today and we’ll be in touch with upcoming opportunities.

Thank you for your support.

PS: Every day, Better Together presents to organizations and groups about the Will to Change. Would your neighborhood association, political committee, professional organization, or other civic-minded group like to hear a summary of our studies? Request a speaker, here.