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Welcome to the Better Together STL Wiki

To visit the main Better Together site visit: Better Together STL.


Better Together is a grassroots project born in response to growing public interest in addressing the fragmented nature of local government throughout St. Louis City and County, which dates back to 1876, when St. Louis City broke away from St. Louis County.

The resulting absence of a cohesive governmental structure left a void and many smaller governments formed to fill it. This is why the 1.3 million people who call St. Louis home are served by 115 local governments, which include St. Louis City and County, as well as 90 municipalities and 23 fire districts. The costs associated with funding all 115 governments (excluding airport and water service fees) has reached a staggering $2 billion per year.

Better Together’s comprehensive Community Based Studies look across the City and County to determine whether the region could improve both service and cost by streamlining and eliminating redundancies and better serve the people of St. Louis.


Striving together to create a just and prosperous St. Louis region.


We support the St. Louis region by acting as a catalyst for the removal of governmental, economic, and racial barriers to the region’s growth and prosperity for all of our citizens by promoting unity, trust, efficiency, and accountability.


  • We are committed to fact driven research to address the challenges of fragmentation in the region and to inform policy.
  • We are committed to open and direct dialogue with all constituencies and stakeholders for the greater good of our community.
  • We are committed to supporting organizations that share our mission and vision.

Community-Based Studies