The Real-World Effects of Fragmentation

Recently, Better Together hosted an interesting panel discussion that revealed a few of the real-world effects that fragmented government has on the lives of St. Louis residents. Moderated by Maggie Crane, Director of Communications at BioSTL, the...
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St. Louis voters have now seen their taxes increase 121 times in the last six years.

In 2017, Better Together research showed much of the $119 million in increased spending for 114 local governments in just three years was fueled by the passage of 100 tax increases. After yesterday’s elections, residents in the City of St. Louis, St. Louis...
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The Pulse of St. Louis: City-County Governance

Throughout October, the St. Louis City-County Governance Task Force has held the first in a series of town hall discussions to collect extensive input from the community, so that the Task Force can consider this feedback when issuing reports and developing...
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City-County Task Force to Host Town Hall Discussions

Does regional fragmentation impact regional growth? What municipal services are exceptional in your community? When considering the possibility of consolidated municipal services in the region, what are the three most important factors to account for?...
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We support the St. Louis region by acting as a catalyst for the removal of governmental, economic, and racial barriers to the region’s growth and prosperity for all of our citizens by promoting unity, trust, efficiency, and accountability.

A resident driving from the St. Louis Galleria to Lambert St. Louis International Airport will pass through 15 SEPARATE POLICE JURISDICTIONS during a 14-minute trip.

million dollars the region spends each year on policing.

The combined populations of the 90 municipalities in St. Louis County account for only 11% of Missouri’s population yet bring in 34% of all municipal court fines and fees statewide totaling:

Per capita cost to fund municipal services

million dollars in excess spending each year

  • Cost to operate a municipal court in St. Louis County – 223,149
  • Revenue from fines and fees each year – 711,596
  • Average net revenue – 488,357

Percent of departments in St. Louis City and County are not accredited.

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