Growth for St. Louis

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What does the future of St. Louis look like? Across the region we’ve heard from people who are concerned about what lies ahead for our community. Will it be a place where I can find work? Will my kids and grandkids want to stay? 

As population declines in the City and County, it’s clear that we struggle to create a thriving economy with opportunity for all.

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Costing Our Community

Fragmentation promotes competition for development and limits a region-wide economic development plan.

  • Big box stores have a lot of power when negotiating for tax incentives, because local governments rely heavily on sales tax revenue to fund services.
  • Municipalities are forced to compete against each other by offering maximum development incentives, resulting in funds draining out of public schools in the form of lost property taxes.
  • No one is responsible for looking out for the economic development of the region as a whole, and we drive away investment as a result.
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Uplifting the Region

The new government would bring St. Louis together to enable real growth that uplifts the region.

  • A unified structure returns leverage to citizens.
  • Development incentive proposals will be considered on their merits, rather than used as a tool to compete with neighboring communities.
  • More tax dollars will go to public schools, instead of getting diverted unnecessarily to corporations.
Our recommendations allow for centralized economic development that balances regionalism and local control by preserving a local voice.  
  • Zoning and adjustment decisions will begin consideration at the municipal district level to capture local expertise of the community.
  • The Metro City will provide a regional perspective through the lens of a comprehensive economic development plan.
  • For the first time in our lifetime, we can plan as a region to ensure our long-term economic future is bright.
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