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Cool Valley

Population: 1,196.     Area (sqm): 0.47     Median income: $43,424     % African American and Other ethinicity: 84.53%     Individuals below poverty line: 8.0 %    

Taxes and Tax Rates

Residential Tax Rate:0.3180Personal Propety Tax Rate:0.1650Sales Tax Rate:7.613%
Commercial Tax Rate:0.3500Property Tax Dollar Amount:$37,691Sales Tax Dollar Amount:$255,445
Agricultural Tax Rate:0.0000Property Tax % of General Revenue:3.71%Sales Tax % of General Revenue:25.13%

Revenues, Expenditures and TIFs

Total Revenue:$1,016,326Total Expenditures:$1,291,502Number of TIFs:0
Top Revenue SourcesTop ExpendituresTIF Dollar Amount:$0.00
Court Fines/Fees$271,181Police$524,130
Sales Tax$255,445Administration$274,222
Utility Tax$210,692Public Works$184,002

Elected Officials, Police, and Courts

Administration Cost:$274,222Number of Elected Officials:5City Hall Address:100 Signal Hill Drive
Police Department:Court fines as % of Revenue:26.68%City, State, Zip:Cool Valley, MO 63121
Police Department Size:Court Operations Cost:$112,143Phone number:314-521-3500
Other munis. patrolled:Total revenue fines/fees:$271,181Website:
Hours:M-F (8-4)

Council Meetings

The City Council meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm
Location: 100 Signal Hill Drive - Cool Valley, MO 63121
Meetings per month: 1

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