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Monarch Fire Protection District

Population:Over 60,000
Property Taxes:$16,316,653
Sales Taxes:$0
Total Taxes:$16,756,146
Residential Tax Rate:0.8290
Commercial Tax Rate:0.9830
Agricultural Tax Rate:0.7700
PP Tax Rate:1.0080
Sales Tax Rate:0.0000
Neighborhood Improvement Districts:$0
Pensions - Actuarial Accrued Liability:$0
Pensions - Unfunded Liability:$0
General Obligation Debt:$0
Leasehold Debt:$0
COP Debt:$0
Special Obligation Debt:$0
Outstanding TIF Debt:$0
Total Debt:$0
  • Property tax rates are applied to every $100 of assessed value (not market value). For more information please see the "Questions Pertaining to Real Estate Assessments: How is the assessed value determined? Why is my bill high or increased?" section of the MO State Tax Commission FAQ page (
  • Total Debt includes total of General Obligation, Leasehold, COP, and Special Obligation Debt.

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