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St. Louis County

Population: 998,954.     Area (sqm): 507.8     Median income: $59,520     % African American and Other ethinicity: 23.33%     Individuals below poverty line: 10.8 %    

Taxes and Tax Rates

Residential Tax Rate:0.5230Personal Propety Tax Rate:0.5230Sales Tax Rate:7.113%
Commercial Tax Rate:0.5230Property Tax Dollar Amount:$109,940,317Sales Tax Dollar Amount:$323,231,222
Agricultural Tax Rate:0.5230Property Tax % of General Revenue:16.04%Sales Tax % of General Revenue:47.16%

Revenues, Expenditures and TIFs

Total Revenue:$685,336,074Total Expenditures:$776,443,322Number of TIFs:0
Top Revenue SourcesTop ExpendituresTIF Dollar Amount:$0.00
Sales Tax$323,231,222Public Safety$167,273,388
Property Tax$109,940,317Transportation$137,963,564
Licenses and Permits$68,489,608Capital Outlay$134,973,239

Elected Officials, Police, and Courts

Administration Cost:$100,152,015Number of Elected Officials:10City Hall Address:41 South Central
Police Department:St. Louis County PDCourt fines as % of Revenue:0.58%City, State, Zip:Clayton, MO 63105
Police Department Size:843Court Operations Cost:$1,986,994Phone number:314-615-5000
Other munis. patrolled:St. Louis County, Black Jack, Clarkson Valley, Dellwood, Fenton, Grantwood Village, Green Park, Hanley Hills, Jennings, Marlborough, Norwood Count, Pasadena Hills, Twin Oaks, Uplands Park, Valley park, Vinita Terrace, Wilbur Park, Wildwood, Winchester Total revenue fines/fees:$3,941,525Website:
Hours:M-F, (8-5)

Council Meetings

The City Council meetings are held every Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm
Location: County Council Chambers on the 1st floor 41 South Central Ave Clayton MO, 63105
Meetings per month: 4

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