People have recommended unifying our region before. Why is this time different?

The data collection and analysis and community outreach performed by Better Together and the Task Force represent the most comprehensive investigation of this issue to date. This work revealed the staggering cost of fractured government to our region, both financially and at the human level, and has allowed for the development of recommendations that are both data and citizen-driven unlike ever before.

While St. Louisans have engaged in conversations about our government’s structure since the Great Divorce (separation of St. Louis City and St. Louis County) in 1876, the last time any serious proposal to address the issues was put forward was over 30 years ago and the last time any issue was put before voters was in 1962.  Much in our region has changed since that time. Now is the time for considering ways to unify the region that will allow us to thrive in the 21st century.

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