General Administration Study

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Key Findings:

Research revealed that the per capita cost to fund municipal services in St. Louis City and County is $1,918.93 , compared to $1,328.40 in Indianapolis- Marion County, and $1,094.76 in Louisville-Jefferson County.

Based on the per capita numbers, a St. Louis family of four pays more than $7,600 per year for government services – 44 percent more than what the same family would pay in Indianapolis.

Twenty-seven municipalities in St. Louis County do not provide online access to municipal ordinances, meaning that citizens must review them at their local city hall or pay for copies.

Eighteen polling places in St. Louis County are located within a police station – effectively discouraging any resident with an outstanding warrant from walking in, giving his or her name and address, and voting. (There are currently 450,000 warrants stemming from our region’s 52,000 municipal ordinances.)