Community forums, small group conversations, one-on-one meetings, and community surveys have guided our work since 2014. City-County unification will allow our region to address its most difficult challenges in a new way. This change will require input and leadership from individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives. Here’s a few ways to get involved:

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We are committed to creating a region that is just and prosperous. To achieve this vision, it requires all of us. Throughout our existence, and continuing today, connecting with people of many experiences and roles in our community strengthens the future we are all working towards.

Join us for a town hall to learn more about our work, ask questions, and learn more ways to get involved.



Since the 2013, we’ve been meeting people where they’re at, sharing the research that our work is rooted in.

Neighborhood association meetings, parent groups, churches, rotary clubs, wherever your community is coming together, we can join you.

Let us know when and where and we’ll be there. We looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Reimagine STL

The vision of a better St. Louis comes from you, the people who live here.

As we continue to work towards policy change, the impact this could have on your life is a story we want to hear.

Reimagine STL is our initiative to gather and share your vision for a stronger St. Louis. You share your thoughts - write them, send a voicemail, share a video - and we turn it into powerful messages that are shared with folks throughout the region.