What We Do

Better Together is committed to being data-driven, engaged in community, and action oriented in four key ways:

City-County Unification

After 5 years of research, analysis, and community conversations, Better Together’s City-County Governance Task Force released a set of recommendations for creating a stronger region by addressing fragmentation throughout our government and services. Better Together now works in partnership with leaders across the region to increase awareness and understanding of these recommendations in effort to mobilize support for change that leads to a better St. Louis for everyone.


Since it’s beginning, Better Together has been a hub for assessing our region’s inequities and use of public resources. Our work today is based on the findings of this research and we hope you’ll join us in continuing to learn.

Community Engagement

Community forums, small group conversations, one-on-one meetings, and community surveys have guided the work of Better Together since 2014. City-County unification will allow our region to address its most difficult challenges in a new way. This change will require input and leadership from individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives. We look forward to engaging in these crucial conversation with you.


Reimagine STL

The stories and experiences of St. Louisans like you are why we do what we do. Reimagine STL is an initiative of Better Together to gather and share your vision for a stronger St. Louis. You share your thoughts - write them, send a voicemail, share a video - and we turn it into powerful messages that are shared with folks throughout the region. See some of the messages your fellow St. Louisans have made here