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Better Together Young Professional Group Launches

Jeff Smith talks with the BTYPs.

By Joe Wilson

This week Better Together hosted the first meeting of BTYP, Better Together Young Professionals. Twenty men and women from around the area got together to talk with each other about their vision for the St. Louis region, about the problems they see in their particular communities, and about the difficulty they have in trying to explain to friends from out of town why St. Louis is the way it is.

The men and women in attendance were a mix of newly minted lawyers, non-profit employees, and other professional fields. They might not have come together except for their interest in how the region operates and how things might be made better. Many had already heard a speaker from Better Together give a presentation at a neighborhood association or professional organization meeting.

Jeff Smith was the guest speaker. Yes, that Jeff Smith. The Jeff Smith that went for Dick Gephardt’s congressional seat against Russ Carnahan. The Smith who had a documentary made about his campaign ( ) Smith also went to prison for things that happened during his campaign. He spoke about the political strength and power that the St. Louis region has but doesn’t flex in the Missouri legislature because of the regional belief in the lines that divide the community. He expressed the belief that St. Louis would be much stronger, and more successful, if we worked with each other instead of against each other.

His message wasn’t something new for the people in the room. The new members of Better Together Young Professionals were there because they already knew, already believed, that the St. Louis region is capable of something much more and that too much time has been spent trying to win petty regional fights. Now these young men and women – these early and mid-career professionals and future leaders in the region – have a call-to-action to which they can respond.

If you are interested in joining the Better Together Young Professionals organization, please email [email protected] .

Celebrating World Cup Soccer in St. Louis

By Matt Hoffman

As the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil, it serves as a great reminder of St. Louis’ storied soccer history.  St. Louis is decidedly a soccer town, as well as one of the major birthplaces of the game in the United States. The St. Louis region has produced scores of professional soccer players over the years, including five members of the famous 1950 U.S. World Cup team, which defeated England in a shocking upset. That team featured several stars from The Hill neighborhood, including goalkeeper Frank Borghi. To learn more about Borghi, who worked for years as a funeral director in St. Louis, and the 1950 World Cup, read this 2011 Post-Dispatch interview .

The presence of large populations of Italian, Irish, German, and Bosnian immigrants, combined with a thriving youth soccer scene, has produced an enthusiastic and longstanding soccer fan base in St. Louis. Given this rich history, it is no surprise that the region offers a variety of bars and restaurants where fans can gather to watch and talk soccer. The Riverfront Times recently compiled a list of “ The 7 Best Places to Watch the 2014 World Cup in St. Louis ,” which features several excellent locations throughout the St. Louis area.

The World Cup is a great time to not only appreciate St. Louis’ soccer tradition, but also to get out, enjoy a game or two, and discover a new neighborhood!