Couch to 5k, Better Together Style

By Joe Wilson

I was a college athlete, though I don’t look the part now. I walked on to the University of Missouri – Columbia swim team and was team captain by my senior year. I wasn’t the fastest in the water, or the strongest on land, but I was pretty fit.

Then I graduated in 2008. Then I worked on a campaign in 2010. Then I went to law school, which I just finished this spring. The food I eat is more fried than it is fresh. Sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week has replaced the 20+ hours per week in the pool and weight room I used to have. This is unsustainable.

Better Together is conducting its third community-based study now, and it is on Public Health. Mayor Slay apparently wants city residents to lose weight too ( here ). My dog always seems to want longer walks, but I think she probably doesn’t have my health in mind. There are plenty of things in my life saying “time to make a change.” Looks like the Better Together 5k will be my first goal to shoot for.

In light of the 5k, the Public Health study, and our upcoming Parks, Recreation, and Infrastructure study, each weekend I will be visiting one of the major parks in St. Louis County to do some running, take some pictures, and do what I can to show off the gorgeous parks our region has. I will put together a little blog post about the park and about the health and well being of the St. Louis region. I encourage you to sign up for the run. Get outdoors and run, ride your bike, play some pick-up soccer or just take a walk.

Look for a curly haired, bearded guy at the 5k. Don’t laugh if I am wheezing too much. We all have to start somewhere.