Look Out, Silicon Valley

By Uzoma Onwumere

As someone who is a dedicated enthusiast when it comes to technology, recent articles discussing why St. Louis is becoming a hotbed for tech startup companies definitely piqued my interest. Reading these articles uncovered myriad reasons why St. Louis could give Silicon Valley a run for its money. For starters, the cost of living in St. Louis compared to places like San Francisco is incredibly low, allowing for tech startups to focus resources and funds into development of their company instead of small and cramped living arrangements.

What’s also appealing to new tech startups is that St. Louis offers excellent mentoring assistance from entrepreneurs who have already established themselves. Entities such as T-REX , which houses more than 80 start-ups and a wide community of developers, designers, mentors, and educators in its 80,000 square foot facility, allows aspiring entrepreneurs to have a space where they can work alongside new startups, leading to a place for not only networking but also creativity and helpful assistance.

St. Louis has steadily become a city where tech startups have the opportunity to thrive, and that has not gone unnoticed. Startup Voodoo is a Midwest tech conference where startups and entrepreneurs from Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, and other heartland cities can come together and learn more about tech startups and what it takes to become successful.

Guest speakers such as David Karandish of Answers Corporation and Jim McKelvey of Square are but a few of the startup giants that will be at the event to coach and mingle with startups in the region.

This unprecedented event shows just how strong the St. Louis region is becoming when it comes to technology innovation and entrepreneurship. The event is scheduled for September 25, 2014, and will be taking place in Ballpark Village. If you are a fan of technology in the St. Louis region, or just want to know more about entrepreneurship in general, then I highly suggest purchasing a ticket for the event