This holiday weekend marks what many consider to be the end of Summer.

For our recap this week, we thought we would take you back to the panel discussion we held earlier this season where we learned about the real-world effects of fragmentation .

These three clips are two minutes or less , and provide unique context to the conversation taking place about the future of our region’s governmental structure.

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Father Christopher Collins challenged the mentality of scarcity

Father Christopher Collins and offered a unique outlook, based in the tradition of Catholic social teaching , for how our region can move forward.

“Within that framework, everybody wants the common goal – to have a thriving society … How ought we live together? What is the nature of the common good that we all desire?”

WHY THIS MATTERS: “We’re never going to get to that place of the common good if we’re only thinking about what we can handle and what we want to achieve ourselves.”

  • “When we get drawn into a mentality of scarcity where we need to just keep control over our litte nook – our little corner of the world – that’s not going to work .”

“A perfect example of how our fragmentation worked against us.”

Did you know that governmental fragmentation kept St. Louis from becoming ?

BE IN THE KNOW: “It was the worst experience they had working with the ‘public sector’ in trying to bring an event like that to market.”

  • Dave Peacock, President & COO of Schnucks Markets and member of the St. Louis Sports Commission

Fragmentation creates a system devoid of a singular strong leadership role

Fragmentation has created ; where a regional leader can foster collaboration on substantive issues ranging from public health to economic development to public safety.

WHY THIS MATTERS: “Without a proper vision, we’re going to lose our ability to be forward thinking and effective as a national region.”

  • Dr. Will Ross, member of the St. Louis City-County Governance Task Force